Manufacturing of metal-cutting tools + PVD deposition + laser engraving

The application of wear-resistant protective coating is a solution that can significantly increase the service life of metal products

Examples of finished mills and drills Tool made by us PVD Spray Mills Manufacturing capabilities Laser engraved metal
Examples of finished mills and drills
Tool made by us
PVD Spray Mills
Manufacturing capabilities
Laser engraved metal

Production of cutting tools

One of the specializations of our company is the production of cutting tools. Full production cycle, high-precision equipment, high-class specialists give us the opportunity to get a really high-quality tool.

We are able to offer you works of a full cycle of production of cutting tools:

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UKRTEHNIKA produces tools both standard and customized. Moreover, the complexity does not pose any problem. In our work, we use only high-quality materials, which can satisfy the needs of any customer.

Main types of the tool:

  • cutters, drills, swords, reamers – any type of metal-cutting tools;
  • punching dies, mill rolls;
  • industrial knives – both direct and disc, intended to cut metal, paper, film, fabrics and many others.
The manufacture of cutting tools

The manufacture of cutting tools

We offer:

  • You are able to try our tool in your production, on your details;
  • We are ready to provide free tools to industrial enterprises for testing.

We are confident in the quality of our tool and the economic feasibility of its use. We have proved it not once, so we give you the opportunity to verify this yourself. Our mills and drills will become your faithful assistant for a very long time. We completely guarantee the quality.

Examples of our work
Mills and drills from Ukrtehnika Cutters Milling Cutter Milling Cutter Cutters Gang of cutters Work examples
Sharpening and restoration of the tools

Sharpening and restoration of the tools

To restore tools is 4 times cheaper , than to buy a new one.

The service life of the restored tool is not worse. Give us a chance and we will extend the life of your instrument.

Tool durability after several restorations:

  • after 3 cycles: 100%
  • after 4-5 cycles: 80%
  • after 6-9 cycles: 60%

We guarantee the fulfillment of the order quickly and efficiently, of course, the terms are regulated by batch volumes and the complexity of the instrument being restored.

PVD coating, which is a way to strengthen the material

PVD coating, which is a way to strengthen the material

The PVD vacuum coating is used to harden the surface of the cutting tool and to decorate it, in some way. Titanium nitride is the most effective and popular material for the PVD procedure of PVD coating. The coating has a thickness of 3 to 6 microns and a hardness of 2500 to 3900 HV (kg / mm)2, it depends on the type of coating.

After applying a PVD layer, the friction coefficient significantly reduces, at the same time wear resistance increases. The service life of the material increases from 2 to 10 times. For example:

  • after applying an AlTiN coating on a carbide end mill O8 mm (operating mode: n = 1600 rpm, S = 125 mm / min, t = 1 mm, material to be processed: steel 45, hardness 55 HRC)
    the number of workpieces increases from 10 to 70
  • after applying a TiN coating
    service life of worm milling cutters increases 1.5-9 times
    service life of gear cutters increases 1.5-3.5 times


Areas of use:

  • cutters, drills, industrial knives;
  • pistons, shafts;
  • industrial molds and dies.


  • the coating is formed under vacuum conditions, ensuring the purity of the composition, the equability of application and color uniformity;
  • attractive appearance, the possibility of obtaining different colors (gold, copper, blue, green, iridescent);
  • it is non-toxic.
Examples of our work
PVD Spray Mills PVD processing example PVD processing example PVD Spray Example
Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Our company has own modern laser engraving center. For the past 5 years, our own tool has been marked owing to this center.

We accept orders for laser engraving (text and / or images) on metal surfaces (steel, non-ferrous metals). Images do not fade and do not deteriorate over time. The image may have shades.

Application is possible on both flat and curved surfaces.

Examples of our work
Laser engraving on metal plates Laser engraving of parts Gravіruvannya on frezі