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Teknika GROUP

Teknika GROUP was founded in 1987 and in the same year patented its first device, the model MUL-2, the predecessor of a series of strapping tools, which are now used in thousands of businesses around the world.

Teknika GROUP continues to expand its connections around the world. We invite new distributors and guarantee a long, productive and mutually beneficial cooperation, despite of geographic location. Our mission is to build strong, long-term relationships with our partners, providing excellent quality and service.

We are grateful to distributors from all over the world for their loyalty and promotion of Teknika GROUP devices. We are proud that in recent 30 years, we have built up our reputation of a reliable and staunch partner in business.

Prices and Policies

For the production of our devices we use casting and components of very high quality, which are handled on the latest CNC machines. Low operating costs of our equipment allow to supply our customers with really high-quality tools at the best prices among competitors. We firmly believe that our devices make our distributors more competitive in their markets, thanks to the increase in profit after selling.

We are the only manufacturer of packaging tools that can offer really short production time, because we do not use contractors in production; we have created a very efficient warehouse / shipment system. We also offer a “free” program for reliable distributors, which provides direct delivery from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

We provide a standard in this industry 90-day warranty period for the entire variety of the MUL series. All spare parts are available at significantly lower prices than our competitors.

Patents and Innovations

UKRTEHNIKA company seeks to implement innovative solutions to the market of manual strapping tools. We have many patents in the sphere, where were no innovations for more than 15 years.

Patent US5975150: windlass return mechanism. It is presented in MUL-320, MUL-325 and MUL-341.

Patent US6047742: Vertical Gripper Motion. It is presented in MUL-320, MUL-325, MUL-350, MUL-351, MUL-370, MUL-375 and MUL-395.

Patent US6152188: symmetrical jaws of sealers. It is presented in MUL-330, MUL-331 and MUL-381.

Our team

Igor Gusarev

Igor Gusarev


 Sergey Mironenko

Sergey Mironenko

Chief Engineer

Igor Zakurskiy

Igor Zakurskiy

Commercial Director


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