MUL-330 Double sided knives The windlass return mechanism Vertical Gripper Motion

Our patents

UKRTEHNIKA manufactures a line of strapping tools, where each element was designed by us. The majority of these innovations have been patented.

  • The windlass return mechanism (patent US5975150) allows the operator to pass the strap into the device quickly, because the windlass automatically returns to its optimum position to install the strap after each use. This feature significantly increases productivity by reducing the time of the operating cycle. The windlass return mechanism is represented in MUL-320, MUL-325 and MUL-341.
  • Vertical Gripper Motion (patent US6047742) significantly reduces wear between the gripper foot and foot, by providing a buffer between the two parts, preventing them from coming into direct contact with each other. This feature also reduces the amount of force required to remove the device from the strap under tension and minimizes damage during this operation. The vertical lift of the presser foot is presented in MUL-320, MUL-325, MUL-350, MUL-351, MUL-370, MUL-375 and MUL-395.
  • When double-sided dies, which are the part of the MUL-16 and MUL-20, wear out, only the lower die must be replaced, while the upper two dies may be turned over, exposing the new cutting surface. This allows you to double the life of the dies and spend only one-third of the cost.
  • Symmetrical jaws of MUL-330, MUL-331 and MUL-381 sealers (Patent US6152188) allow the user to work with a seal with an offset axis without worrying about the position of the seal. The bonding efficiency created by these devices is the highest on the market and is achieved by an innovative prong design. Other non-symmetrical sealers require careful installation of the fastener (long grip for the long part of the fastener) in order to achieve a reliable fastening. Teknika GROUP sealers with Symmetrical jaws eliminate this problem completely, eventually the likelihood of possible problems with the goods reduces.